The head of “Aeroflot” asserts that “Biblio-Globus” has not stopped the sale of tickets of “Transaero”

MOSCOW, October 14. “Aeroflot” several times asked “Biblio-the globe” to stop the sale of tickets of “Transaero” in the tourist packages, but so far this has not happened, said in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24” CEO “Aeroflot” Vitaly Saveliev.

“They (“Biblio-the Globe”) explained that they will be in the bankruptcy estate, will receive (compensation – approx. ed.) as a lender, and we (Aeroflot) that we (passengers) will take out. No, they continue. The company acts very selfish, she wants all the blackmailing, she just writes out the tickets and sells. Although she sees what is happening,” he said.

According to Saveliev, Aeroflot met several times with the leadership of the “Biblio-Globus” on this issue, and the tour operator “have a full understanding” of the situation, and they promised to investigate. In the negotiation process also involved the Ministry of transport and Rosaviatsia, said the head of “Aeroflot”.

“I say stop, we’ll figure it out. People (representatives of the “Biblio-Globus”) leave and continue,” said Savelyev.

Did not affect the management of “Biblio-Globus” and this morning’s meeting with Aeroflot, which, according to Savelyev, a proposal was made about granting touroperator for the carriage of passengers three Boeing 777 “Orenburg airlines”. “They don’t like, people are completely untethered behave. The same road traveled by the “Transaero”, they were selling tickets, signing people up and spoke, and where you go you can relocate. Yes, here we transport,” said Savelyev.

However, the “Biblio-the globe” States that do not currently conducts sales tours with tickets on flights of “Transaero”.

“We currently sell (with tickets Transaero) is suspended in all directions, and in case of signing of the agreement with Aeroflot on the route Moscow – Hurghada, Moscow – Sharm El Sheikh and Moscow – Punta Cana, we in these three areas sales will resume,” – said General Director of “Biblio-Globus” Alexander Tugolukov.

According to him, meetings with Aeroflot, the Ministry of transport and Federal air transport Agency has discussed the suspension of the implementation of tours with tickets Transaero airlines only flights after 24 October.

“In fact the meeting we stopped selling flights of airline “Transaero” in all directions with on October 25. What we discussed with Aeroflot, we did,” said the Tugolukov.

However, on Friday (9 October), was hosted release “Aeroflot” that customers “Biblio-Globus” with flights “Transaero” will be provided transportation to Egypt and the Dominican Republic. “Then we restore the sales in these areas, they stayed there two and a half days. Yesterday (13 October) after the statement of the President of the Russian Federation we have removed from the site these areas”, – noted the General Director of the tour operator.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at meeting with government members on October 13 stated that it was necessary to stop selling tickets of “Transaero” through tour operators. Officially selling tickets of “Transaero” was stopped from 1 October.