The number of deals with new buildings in Moscow in the 3rd quarter decreased by 10.9%

MOSCOW, October 14. The demand on the market of new buildings in Moscow, despite the crisis, remains at a fairly high level, although the number of concluded contracts equity (DDU) falls. Such estimation contains in materials of Moskomstroyinvest.

According to the office rosreestra in Moscow, in the 3rd quarter of 2015 the number of contracts POS in Moscow decreased by 10.9% compared to the same period last year. There were only 6307 DDU, of which 2019 the contracts in September.

“The decline in the number of concluded, the PO is due, on the one hand, the decline in the solvency of the population, on the other hand, citizens have become more careful approach to the choice of the developer,” – said the Chairman of Moskomstroyinvest Konstantin Timofeev, whose words are reported.

Only in 2015 in the capital was registered on 20 073 contract of participation in shared construction for the purchase of residential and non-residential premises.

According to Moskomstroyinvest, today in Moscow there are 55 thousand 818 POS on residential and nonresidential, which are under construction. The volume of funds raised amounts to 587 billion rubles.