The Russian deputies will hold a meeting with Estonian colleagues in the state Duma

The Russian deputies will hold a meeting with Estonian colleagues in the state Duma

The main issues of the meeting, initiated by parliamentary friendship group, will focus on the restoration of mutual dialogue. Still these kinds of contacts were in 2012.

MOSCOW, 14 Oct. The Russian Parliament on Wednesday will hold a meeting with Estonian colleagues in the state Duma Committee on CIS Affairs initiated parliamentary friendship group, told journalists the Chairman of Committee Tatyana Moskalkova.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Russian-Estonian parliamentary group from Estonia Igor Gryazin informed that deputies on 13 October will go with official visit to Moscow to meet with colleagues from the state Duma, it will be the first in the last two years and a half trip on such a high level.

Moskalkova explained that the main talks are scheduled through parliamentary friendship groups and will address the issues of restoration of mutual dialogue. She recalled that the last such contacts were in 2012.

The Deputy head of the Committee informed that the main issue will be the discussion of the Russian-Estonian Treaty on the border. According to her, in the process, “Russia goes a step forward”, as the Treaty already under consideration in the state Duma. In Estonia, after the last parliamentary elections and the change of the composition of the Cabinet of Ministers will have to start all over again, he said.

She expressed the hope that after the execution of all procedures in Estonia will be able to reach the synchronous ratification of the Treaty.

Also, according to Moskalkova, the deputies will discuss other aspects of bilateral cooperation, including economic. In particular, we will focus on the issues of elimination of double taxation.

The MP hopes that the contacts will contribute to recovery in the future a high level of trade between Russia and Estonia. “This is, primarily, to serve the interests of our peoples,” she said.

In addition, we plan to address humanitarian issues, including cross-days of Russia in Estonia and Estonia to Russia. Moskalkova recalled and held in the framework of the UN General Assembly the meeting of the foreign Ministers of Russia and Estonia Sergey Lavrov and Marina Kaljurand.

“We need to move forward. We are bordering countries, neighbouring countries. And so it is important to develop cooperation. Sometimes good neighbor better than a distant relative”, — concluded the MP.