At the airport of Vladivostok can receive Russia’s first Duty Free in the arrivals area

VLADIVOSTOK, October 15. /Corr. Marina Shatilova/. At the airport of Vladivostok is ready to open the first in Russia the duty free shop (Duty Free) in the arrivals area of the international airlines. October 15, here summed up the tender for the lease of commercial space, the winner of which, after the adoption of the relevant amendments to the customs law, will be able to open a shop, said Corr.TASS in the press service of Vladivostok International airport.

“Vladivostok airport looks to the future and their actions to support this initiative, predicting the result for the future. With the aim of improving passenger service, the airport now accepts the obligation to provide commercial space for the organization and operation of Duty free shops in the arrival area”, – said the representative of the company.

Now duty free shops Duty Free in Russia exist only in the departure areas, while in more than 60 countries and they work on arrival. The Eurasian economic Commission in June this year proposed to extend this practice to the airports of the participating countries of the Customs Union, which is necessary to make amendments to the existing legislation of the participating countries and the Union Customs code.

At the present time from Vladivostok international flights are carried out in China, South Korea, North Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Singapore.