Automaker Volvo is betting on electric cars and hybrids

STOCKHOLM, October 15. /Corr. Irina Dergacheva/. In 2019, the company Volvo plans to release its electric car. All models will be hybrids that combine gasoline and electric motor. This is stated in the published press release of the concern.

The strategic goal of the automaker is that every 10 of its cars hitting the market, powered by electricity. “The time has come for electric cars cease to be a niche technology and become mainstream,” notes the press release about the Kret CEO hÃ¥kan Samuelsson.

The company believes that the market for electric cars will fully Mature by 2025. The calculations are based on such factors as demand, cost of motors and batteries, as well as the availability of the necessary infrastructure in the first place, of electric charging stations.

Which of the existing models will receive a full drive, not yet decided. But in any case it will be a representative 60-second or 90-series models with a competitive “range” – the distance in kilometers that you can drive on one tank, at least equal to 500 km.

The batteries will be supplied by third party manufacturers as well, as is the case with the existing “vovskii” hybrids, primarily, two models V60 with a diesel engine and sold in Europe.

By words a press-the Secretary of the company Stefan Elfstrom, just today sold about 8 thousand of such cars that amounts to 2 percent of the total number of sold cars.

It is assumed that hybrids will have only front-wheel drive, which is cheaper compared to completely drive options. The manufacturer’s goal is that within a few years with pure electric vehicles accounted for 10 percent of sales.

And finally, the third and last news: olvo intends to create a new model 40 series, which also will exist in a hybrid version.

What factories these models will be made, not solved yet. Currently the company has capacity in Gothenburg, Sweden, Belgium and China. Also, work on the creation of production in the United States.