FAS: the operators by March will be determined with the reduction of tariffs for international roaming

MOSCOW, October 15. The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) expects that Russian and foreign operators will be defined with new terms and conditions pricing international roaming by March 2016, the journalists said the Deputy head of FAS Anatoly Golomolzin.

“This work plan to complete, to move to new charging regimes until March 2016”, – he said.

According to golomolzina, the issue of reducing roaming prices being discussed by the international working group, which was formed at the initiative of the Russian and Turkish sides. It includes the EAEU and the CIS. In the work are also participating and other interested countries – Egypt, EU countries and South Africa.

“In the framework of this working group formulated the principles of fair roaming and the underlying principle is – in roaming as at home. And the problem is that when you go abroad, you do not feel discomfort using your phone”, – said Golomolzin.

The challenge to citizens, going abroad, not felt significant changes when paying for voice telephony, SMS, etc. “For it was made, must pass inter-operator negotiations aimed at reducing the rates of inter-operator interaction,” he explained.

Golomolzin added that these basic principles were discussed with operators. “The operators supported them, including the operators of the Russian Federation, without exception”, he said.

In parallel antitrust authorities are monitoring the situation, continued Golomolzin. All members of the working group inform the operators of their country requests the negotiation process. If it is determined that the negotiation process is going in the right direction, that is, it is not about reducing rates, and improving, the competition authorities are ready to Institute antitrust case, he said.

In June, the head of FAS Igor Artemyev stated that roaming prices for Russian citizens should be reduced at least in 2 times.

At the end of may it was reported that the FAS sent Russian cellular operators requesting them to send their roaming partners of the offer on change of the rates of settlements, the size of which depends largely on the cost of service for the subscriber. According to FAS, the roaming tariffs should not be significantly different from prices in the bond in the country of temporary residence of the subscriber.

For SMS spam

Moscow FAS has fined MTS for 100 thousand roubles for SMS-spam, according to a press release from the competition Agency.

It is noted that SMS messages were distributed without the prior consent of the subscriber.

“The case was initiated at the request of a citizen, to the telephone number which the message has come about the opportunity to get bonus minutes. According to the advertising law, the distribution of SMS advertising is possible only upon prior consent of the subscribers”, – stated in the message.

This is not the first case of violation of the law on advertising by MTS. So, in July, 2015 Moscow regional UFAS Russia has fined MTS for a total amount of 400 thousand rubles for the dissemination of advertisements without the prior consent of the subscriber or addressee to receive it.