Financial Ombudsman: mass closing of accounts of Russians in Swiss banks is useful for the Russian Federation

MOSCOW, October 15. The closure of the accounts of Russian customers of the biggest banks in Switzerland – a positive trend for Russia. So the financial Ombudsman Pavel Medvedev commented on the Forbes message is that Swiss banks are closing accounts of Russians with assets of less than $5 million.

“Positive rather than negative (consequences). There are suspicions that money has flowed back a year and a half ago,” – said Medvedev on air of radio station “Moscow speaking”.

The largest Swiss banks UBS and Credit Suisse have begun to close accounts of Russian clients with assets of less than $ 5 million, Forbes reported today, citing three sources in the financial market. In case of refusal, the client is obliged to pay the monthly fee for account maintenance, which is about a thousand Swiss francs a month.

Swiss banks began to follow the customers ‘ compliance with Russian legislation on controlled foreign companies and on foreign exchange control, the sources noted Forbes. Several bankers told the publication that UBS and Credit Suisse to allow Russian customers to transfer money to their personal accounts in Switzerland only from Russia.

At the same time, the Russian Embassy in Switzerland, responding to a request of the radio station, confirmed the mass closing of accounts of Russians.

“No official information is not available. Rumors from both sides. Hinted that increased suspicion – that one can make from the Russian. And have Swiss friends who said that this is a common trend is to require greater transparency”, – said Medvedev.