Following the talks, Putin and Nazarbayev signed a number of documents

ASTANA, October 15. Following the talks, Vladimir Putin and Nursultan Nazarbayev signed a number of documents in the sphere of oil production, rescue and launch of space rockets.

The presidents of Russia and Kazakhstan signed a Protocol on amending the Protocol to the agreement between Russia and Kazakhstan on delimiting the Northern part of the Caspian sea to implement sovereign rights for subsoil use dated July 6, 1998.

Following Russian-Kazakhstani talks in the presence of heads of state an agreement was signed between the two governments on cooperation in aviation search and rescue.

In addition, signed an intergovernmental agreement on interaction in the conduct of missile launches from positional area Dombarovsky with the use of the land plot on the territory of Kazakhstan in the area of falling of separating parts of them.

Also, the President of AVTOVAZ Bo Andersson and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Group of companies “BIPEK Avto – AZIA Avto” Anatoliy Balushkin signed an agreement to expand their strategic partnership.