IATA called for an end to refund tickets of “Transaero”

Agents participating in the BSP system are obliged to transfer the revenue in full to the account of the Clearing Bank BSP Russia, said the International air transport Association. IATA promises to return the funds.

MOSCOW, 15 Oct. International air transport Association (IATA) called on the Agency’s ticket to cease issuance and refund the tickets of “Transaero” through the booking system, is spoken in the message of this international organization to the agencies for the sale of tickets.

“The agents participating in the BSP system (global billing system — ed.) must immediately stop the release and return of tickets and other documents via Transaero Airlines airline reservation systems (GDSs) and BSPlink”, — stated in the letter from the representative of IATA, a copy of which is available.

“While normally in such situations the provisions of IATA resolutions provided by the agents carrying out the calculations directly with the airline, in order to comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation agents are obliged to transfer the proceeds…, full details on the BSP Clearing Bank of Russia”, — stated in the letter. Agents who had a positive balance of sales of tickets of “Transaero”, the IATA promises to return the funds.

October 1, 2015, the Federal air transport Agency sent “Transaero” notice of termination of sale of tickets for regular flights of the airline. Tickets “Transaero” back and forth with the beginning of transport until 15 December and ending after 15 December will be cancelled. Until now it was thought that a return ticket is purchased from the carrier, were produced in airlines, and not at the place of purchase. However, on 14 October the carrier sent out an email containing the phrase “ticket refunds will be carried out at the place of purchase”.

IATA sent on 2 October to all members of the ticketing system a letter about the exclusion of “Transaero” from the international system of payments “due to financial instability of the airline”. “All progress reports, including the pending sale and pending applications for refunds or any future transactions must be paid directly to the “Transaero”… that is, no refunds can be deducted from incomplete records… pending sales or any future transactions,” — said in the letter.

“Transaero” was previously the second largest airline of the Russian Federation. According to Rosaviation, the carrier for the first eight months of 2015 served 9,36 million passengers. Transaero airlines has been unable to service debts, which form together with the leasing obligations of about 250 billion rubles. Approved in September the government plan for the transfer of 75% of actions “Transaero” “Aeroflot” for the subsequent reorganization fell through, the authorities and creditors to discuss the bankruptcy of the carrier.