More than 60% of theft of money from the Russians using Internet banking was done through the Android

MOSCOW, October 15. More than 60% of theft of funds from the Russians through the Internet-banking in the period from June 2014 to June 2015 was made using the Android operating system. This is stated in the report of the company Group IB.

“More than 99 million rubles (during this period – ed.) was stolen from individuals, of which 61 million through “Trojans” under the operating system Android”, – said in the report. A year earlier it amounted to 105,8 million roubles. However, despite the decline in monetary terms, the number of incidents has increased in 3 times.

“The increase in the activity of cyber criminals aimed at stealing money from individuals connected with the lowering of entry threshold for criminal business”, – said General Director of Group IB Ilya Sachkov, explaining that the underlying Toolkit for the organization of such an attack can be purchased on hacker forums for a few thousand dollars.

All crooks in Russia stole through the online banking more than 2.6 billion rubles in the period from June 2014 to June 2015, which is 3.7 times less than in the same period a year earlier. Most of the cyber criminals suffered a legal entity, they lost 1.9 billion rubles, a decrease in thefts compared with the same period a year earlier – more than 4 times.

Overall, Russian hackers redirected towards Western markets due to the devaluation of the ruble, according to the study.

According to forecasts of the Group IB, in 2016 the number of attacks will continue to grow, however their success will be reduced. The greatest challenge would be the theft of ordinary citizens using smartphones and tablets on the Android platform. Will also increase the number of incidents involving phishing.