Moscow exchange suspended trading on the derivatives market

Moscow. October 15. Moscow exchange suspended trading on the futures market at 18:10 Moscow time, according to the information on the website of the exchange.

The reasons for the suspension are specified. About the time of resumption of trading will be announced later.

According to the report, the exchange may change the trading schedule and evening clearing for expiration of options on the futures market due to the suspension of trading. The exact time of the exchange will be announced later.

As reported by one of the participants of the financial market, on Thursday is the expiration of monthly options on securities. “Around 6 p.m. we noticed that the positions in the exchange terminal does not correspond to the actual positions of the clients, then trading was suspended. What “crawling” position, suggests that the failure is serious and the elimination of its consequences may take a long time”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

The last time trading at the Moscow stock exchange was suspended less than a month ago, September 21, 2015. Then the reason was a software bug that appeared after the opening of trading.