Nazarbayev: EEU expands, gaining respect and credibility in the world

ALMATY, 15 Oct. Michael Egorin. The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev on Thursday during the meeting in Astana with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin noted the growing influence of the Eurasian economic Union (EEU) in the international arena, the press service of the head of Kazakhstan.

“Today, the EEU expands, gaining respect and credibility in the international arena. I think we are on the right path,” said the President, quoted by the press service.

During the meeting, Nazarbayev welcomed the visit of Putin to Kazakhstan. “Your recent state visit to Kazakhstan took place four years ago. During this time we regularly “compare notes” and decide relevant issues of bilateral relations in various venues. Sure, your current visit will strengthen and deepen cooperation in this difficult time”, — said the Kazakhstani leader.

Nazarbayev also dwelt on prospects of development of bilateral relations between Kazakhstan and Russia. “Kazakhstan was and remains the closest and reliable neighbor and ally of the Russian Federation. It is in the fundamental interests of the people of Kazakhstan”, — said the head of Kazakhstan.

In turn, Putin noted the regularity of meetings and negotiations at the highest level. “I don’t need to characterize the Russian-Kazakh relations. It’s not just a partnership based on trust, it’s allied relations in all senses of the word,” said the President of Russia.

The Russian President said that Kazakhstan is one of the largest trade and economic partners of the Russian Federation. “Today almost 6 thousand Russian companies operating in Kazakhstan, has accumulated a large amount of investment in dollar terms. Your offspring — the Eurasian economic Union actively develops and creates conditions for effective development of our economies. We see that many of our partners wish to cooperate with the Eurasian economic Union in different formats,” Putin said.