Sands: the appearance in Ukrainian media data about pilots from Russia to Syria’s “hostile action”

ASTANA, October 15. In the Kremlin called a “hostile action” the appearance in Ukrainian media of the personal data of the Russian pilots in Syria and stressed that in order to protect military personnel will be taken.

“I honestly, for the first time about it hear from you, but surely our intelligence agencies are closely watching this”, – said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov on the request to comment on the appearance in Ukrainian media and social networks photos and other personal data of servicemen of the Russian armed forces taking part in operations in Syria.

“Of course, this is without exaggeration a hostile action against our country and against our military, and of course, probably, will be taken measures that should be taken to ensure the safety of our military”, – said the representative of the Kremlin.

Call to place network data on Russian troops in Syria

October 7, MP of Ukraine, Advisor to the interior Minister Anton Geraschenko about the Russian pilots performing combat missions in Syria, the site “Peacemaker”.

On his page on Facebook Gerashchenko wrote that the photos and these pilots will help the militants and their “brothers” in Russia “to take revenge on the canons of Shariah” for the bombing of the objects of the IG in Syria.

The investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case against Gerashchenko. He is suspected of committing a crime under article 205.2 of the criminal code (“Public appeals to implementation of terrorist activity or public justification of terrorism”)”.

“In fact, Gerashchenko has supported and spread the idea of his interlocutor in the social network that thus “the terrorists and their brethren in Russia will be able to take revenge on the Russian soldiers by the canons of Shariah”, – told reporters the official representative of RF IC Vladimir Markin.

According to him, “such words for a politician in almost any state could mean the end of his political career. But in Ukraine such calls, apparently, on the contrary only contribute to the increase of confidence, but not the people, but only in the circles of the ruling elite. And there is no doubt where this will end a career “politician”.

Article on which criminal case is brought, provides till five years of imprisonment, and if such appeals or justification sounded in mass media – up to seven years.

Assessment of the operation will give the military

In the Kremlin consider that the terms and criteria of success of the antiterrorist operation HQs of the Russian Federation in Syria should determine military.

“You’d have to ask the military,” – said the press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, answering the question, what are the criteria for success of the military operations of Russia against terrorists in Syria.

The representative of the Kremlin recalled that the purpose of Russian actions in Syria “is to support offensive operations of the Syrian armed forces in the fight against terrorist and extremist groups”.

Blows to positions of terrorists in Syria

The Russian air strikes surgical strikes against the “Islamic state” in Syria since September 30, just to the base Hamim was thrown more than 50 aircraft and helicopters. To participate in a ground operation in Syria Russia has no plans.

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