Sergei Sobyanin: with the difficult economic situation has no serious effect on Moscow

MILAN, October 15. The difficult economic situation in the country has no serious effect on Moscow, and the city gives investors a guarantee against possible risks. This was announced by Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin.

“We are going through hard times. But our friendship and aims to overcome these difficult times, take advantage of a window of new opportunities, new contacts, new business. Sanctions, or crisis issues do not impact fundamentally on Moscow”, – said Sobyanin, speaking at a business forum “Moscow-Italy”, held in the Russian pavilion at the exhibition “Expo 2015” in Milan.

In particular, according to him, the city budget has not suffered from the crisis. “Indeed, the incomes of the city budget, which is based on the income of enterprises has not decreased, but increased opportunities for infrastructure development are not reduced, but increased,” – said the mayor.

He also called groundless the fears of investors to invest in Moscow. “In order to remove the apprehensions of this kind, Moscow passed a law which gives guarantees to investors, if the risks associated with the actions of the state or municipal authorities. I am sure that such risks do not exist, but in order to remove any apprehension, we passed such a law,” – said Sobyanin.

“The number of tourists visiting Moscow will grow”

The number of tourists visiting the capital, will only grow. “I think that this thread will not be reduced, and to increase internal and external tourism,” said the mayor.

He noted that the inflow of foreign tourists will contribute, in particular, the change rate of the ruble, due to which the cost of hotels and different services become cheaper for foreign visitors. Sobyanin recalled that last year Moscow was visited by 16 million tourists. “I would like to invite our friends of the Milanese, tourists from Italy, business in Moscow,” he said.

The mayor also invited the Italian partners to the annual festival “Journey to Christmas”, in which participate representatives of all the major cities in Europe and attract millions of visitors.