Source: the Central Bank has cut five banks from its payment system

Source: the Central Bank has cut five banks from its payment system

A source in banking circles said that the Central Bank will not conduct any transactions of banks “Eurocommerce”, “Lada-Credit”, “knight”, and Greenfieldbank “Commonwealth”. In most cases, a credit institution, disconnected from the system, after some time lose my license.

MOSCOW, 15 Oct. The Central Bank cut banks “Eurocommerce”, “Lada-Credit”, “knight”, and Greenfieldbank Bank “Commonwealth” from the system of Banking electronic urgent payments (BESP), said a source in banking circles.

According to this source, the full type constraints. This means that the payment system the Central Bank does not and will not accept any payments of this credit organization.

Banks, which the regulator turns on BESP, in most cases, after some time lose my license. For example, in August the Central Bank has cut from BESP Probusinessbank, after some time the Bank has had its license revoked. Later, in a similar way after disconnecting from BESP without licenses left Bank “Admiralty”, Nota-Bank and several other banks.

But disabling the Bank from BESP does not necessarily mean that a credit institution will have its license revoked. In some cases, the disconnection is temporary.

Disable the “Eurocommerce” from BESP indirectly confirmed by the National rating Agency has lowered the credit rating Bank to BB+ (enhanced credit risk). Greenfieldbank October 1 not accepted deposits of individuals due to the provisions of the Central Bank.

“Eurocommerce”, according to RIA Rating on 1 July, occupied the 238-th place among Russian banks by assets in the amount of 12.5 billion rubles. The Bank “Commonwealth” took 402 place, Greenfieldbank — 420 place, “Lada-Credit” — 454 place, “knight” — 482 place. The assets of the latter were at the level of 4.13 billion, was 3.79 billion and 3.23 billion rubles, 2,91 billion rubles, respectively. The deposits of individuals up to $ 1.4 million in all five banks are insured.