The Committee of the state Duma together with the FAS and the Ministry of agriculture will understand the reasons for the growth of prices for apples in RF

MOSCOW, October 15. The profile state Duma Committee on agrarian issues next week will hold an enlarged meeting with participation of representatives of the Federal Antimonopoly service, the Ministry of agriculture, horticultural farms, retailers and farmers to find out the reason of the price growth for apples in the country. The journalists said the head of the Committee Nikolay Pankov.

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“Next week we will hold an extended meeting of the Committee with representatives of the FAS, the Ministry of agriculture, horticultural farms, retailers and farmers,” said Pankov.

He drew attention to the fact that this year in many regions a good crop of apples, “but for some reason the price has doubled”. The Committee has addressed FAS with the request, he said.

Pankov added that this problem must be sort out soon. “If this is the crime of collusion, then the perpetrators must be punished. Our consumers have in season to buy apples of excellent quality and at reasonable prices. Baby puree and juices of these fruits should be accessible,” he said.

The head of the Committee referred to the analysts ‘ estimates, according to which the average cost of a kilogram of apples in Russia is 70 roubles, in Moscow, in online stores it ranges from 60 to 174 roubles rubles. “Although the producers claim that will deliver the apples are much cheaper. Therefore, it is necessary to understand at what stage there is an increase in prices,” he concluded.