The Deputy head of the Russian foreign Ministry: Russia is not supplying weapons to Syrian Kurds

MOSCOW, October 15. Russia is not supplying weapons to the Syrian Kurds, said the special envoy of the Russian President for the Middle East and Africa, Deputy foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov.

“No, of course, and as I don’t have that information, I very much doubt,” said Bogdanov, responding to a question.

Bogdanov, moreover, reported that he had no information about the call of the Russian Ambassador to the Turkish foreign Ministry.”Turkish friends expressed surprise that I had a meeting at our Embassy in Paris with the Chairman of the democratic Union Party Saleh Muslim, – continued the diplomat. It’s strange, because he went to Turkey”.

Mikhail Bogdanov also said that Russia and the USA intensive contacts on Syria. “Pretty intense format, maybe not every day but fairly often,” – said Bogdanov. “There were three video conferences (military), military attache of the USA (had contacts)”, – Semneby said.

Attacks on targets of militants

Russian aircraft since September 30, strikes against the “Islamic state” in Syria at the request of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. In the grouping of the aerospace forces of the Russian Federation in this country includes more than 50 aircraft and helicopters, including the latest su-34 and su-30SM. To participate in ground operations in Syria Russia has no plans.