The Minister of transport of the Russian Federation: creditors Transaero has expressed a consolidated position

ASTANA, October 15. Creditors of airline “Transaero” has not yet expressed a consolidated position, so talking about support yet. This was reported to journalists by the Minister of transport of Russia Maxim Sokolov.

“To talk about the total position of creditors of the company “Transaero” too early”, – he stressed. The Minister noted that already held several meetings with the participation of creditors, however, no decisions on the measures of state support are not accepted.

Answering the question about whether there is any deadline for such decision, Sokolov said that this would depend on the fulfillment of certain criteria.

“Have to follow certain procedures in the event of bankruptcy claims bankruptcy. They have not yet passed,” he said.

The decision on bankruptcy of airline “Transaero”, the accumulated 250 billion rubles of debt and are now under the operational management of “Aeroflot” was adopted at the governmental meeting with the participation of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on October 1. The carrier has closed the sale of tickets. According to the results of last week’s check “Transaero” the Commission of Federal air transport Agency has proposed to suspend the operator’s certificate. However, the draft act, the Commission is still not approved by the leadership of the Federal air transport Agency.