The Ministry of Finance: “Available environment” can be funded including at the expense of means FSS

MOSCOW, October 15. The Finance Ministry believes that including the FSS account funds to Finance the state program “Accessible environment” by 2020.

This was announced at a government meeting Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov.

“In this regard, it seems that now it is necessary to spend amounts of funding (for state programs) the following year in accordance with the law on the budget and in the budget next year, taking into account the implementation of some structural measures, it will be possible to talk about the need for more funding and the amounts of such funds. We believe that in this case we can talk about the involvement of funds of the social insurance Fund, in which there are remains that can be allocated to ensure the implementation of this program”, – said Siluanov.

According to him, the proposed level of appropriations for the program “Accessible environment” for 2016 9.3 billion exceeds the amount of funds laid down for this purpose in the project budget.

“The program must be brought into conformity with the appropriation levels provided for in the draft Federal law on the Federal budget for next year,” said the Minister. “The amount claimed funds to the next year to 9.3 billion rubles exceeds the amounts laid down (for these purposes) in the budget,” said Siluanov.

The Minister added that the Ministry of Finance considers it necessary to consider the pricing of procured technical means of rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. Siluanov stressed that the prices of these funds to the various regions differ significantly.

“There is no reference prices on purchasing products for disabled people, there is no electronic database of persons with disabilities. It is necessary to optimize and streamline the aid to the disabled,” the Minister explained.

In conclusion, Siluanov offered to bring the appropriation for the program in 2016 in accordance with the law on the budget and in the budget of next year, following the implementation of these measures, to decide on the allocation of additional funds.

The final decision after the analysis

The government will make a final decision on sources of financing of the state program “Accessible environment” for 2016 after the analysis of the inspections and consultations with the state Duma, said Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a government meeting.

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“As for sources, we will analyze all possible options, carry out all necessary testing procedures. In any case, as we have agreed, including with colleagues in the State Duma will make the final decision, having in mind the need to continue the supply of technical means of rehabilitation”, – said Medvedev. He noted that by this indicator Russia is far behind the developed countries, although the situation is much better than 5-7 years ago.

The Prime Minister pointed out that program is very important, the implementation of the state program in 2011-2015 “really improved the situation of persons with disabilities, creation of barrier-free environment, it is obvious that the program should be continued”.