The Ombudsman: delays in payment on government contracts and banks-bankrupts has been a surge of complaints business

MOSCOW, October 15. Small and medium business is increasingly complaining of delayed payments on municipal contracts and to the problems arising from Bank failures. About it the representative of the President of the Russian Federation on protection of entrepreneurs ‘ rights Boris Titov said in an interview on the eve of the meeting in Yekaterinburg on the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs, which will be chaired by Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika.

Every sixth complaint of entrepreneurs is on the prosecution

According to the Ombudsman, most complaints come from small and medium-sized businesses that are more vulnerable and, unlike large businesses, lack strong legal support. He acknowledged that in part of complaints about the pressure from officials became less. “Some Supervisory agencies have been able to build its work in such a way that the calls complaining about their actions was really little. This primarily relates to the Tax service, Ministry of emergency situations, Rospotrebnadzor. But, as they say, “in one place decreases, and the other’s coming.” There have been fewer complaints about taxes and more inventory, and so on,” he said. In addition, complain about the increased tax burden, confusion with the inventory, the demolition of non-stationary trading objects. “Sick” is the question of inspections of businesses – a lot of references. “The number of inspections to reduce yet. According to statistics, 70% of entrepreneurs inspection took place more than two times a year. But overall, the situation with the administration and regulation of the business is getting better. And here with criminal prosecutions still a very, very bad, he said. – Treatment of illegal criminal prosecution constitute about 17% of the total number of complaints, but very hard to be solved in each particular case”.

A surge of complaints brought to the bankruptcy of banks and delayed payments of government contracts

“Recently dramatically increased the number of complaints about the delay of payment is already made of state and municipal /primarily/ contracts, – said the Ombudsman. – The second theme, which became valid this year – referrals from legal persons, victims of the revocation of licenses of banks”.

“This is a big problem for the economy – the country is deprived of a healthy strong companies, which are burned in insolvent banks, and in social terms. Programie company albeit small, but there are also people and this leads to the loss of work, delays in payment of wages. We therefore propose to introduce compulsory insurance of deposits of legal entities up to 5 million rubles, as is customary in most European countries,” – said Boris Titov.

Administrative barriers – attempts to increase business impact

According to Boris Titov, the source of administrative barriers for business are normative laws and regulations. “In some cases you can guess the interest of any commercial entities or associations of entrepreneurs in the emergence or sometimes a law or an act, but it is the realm of speculation,” – said Titov. “But most of all, of course, we are dealing with attempts of the authorities and Supervisory bodies to extend their powers in terms of impact on business processes and to build convenient regulation itself, and not the business, way. Not always these aspirations are justified and often have a negative effect on the development of entrepreneurship”, – said the Ombudsman.

Business security is becoming more systemic

Boris Titov has reminded that the law “About the Commissioner” allows you to request information from any authority of Federal, regional or municipal level. “Many of them we have cooperation Agreements. It’s Prosecutor General’s office, which was the first to sign such an agreement, the interior Ministry, the justice Ministry, Rospotrebnadzor, Rostekhnadzor, the Federal tax service, Ministry of emergency situations, the FSSP, and others. Many of our public ombudsmen are public councils at these ministries and departments. The same pattern and at the regional level. All this greatly facilitates our daily work in terms of communication with these agencies,” said the Ombudsman.

“Almost from the very beginning of our activities in 2013, the state office of public Prosecutor has become our key ground among state authorities in the restoration of violated rights and legitimate interests of entrepreneurs,” he admitted, noticing that this theme pays great attention to Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika and the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs oversees his first Deputy Alexander Buksman. In addition, the Prosecutor’s office is successfully operating the Department for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs.

Effective he considers the work in the Prosecutor’s office created the interagency working group on the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs, which includes representatives of the Ministry of internal Affairs, investigative Committee, the Ministry of economic development and leading Russian business associations. “It covers both systemic issues and individual cases to specific requests. As a result, we often achieve success and resolve disputes that may stretch for years. Similar working groups established in almost all regions of Russia, allowing to solve a wide range of issues at the regional level”, – said the Ombudsman.

According to him, for two years carried out extensive work on the identification of violations of the rights of entrepreneurs under the connection object to utility networks, issuing permits for construction, trade, land relations, as well as conducting monitoring activities and investigative work. Identified more than 11.5 thousand violations made 3 thousand views, a thousand cancelled 2 acts, prosecuted 380 officers, 2 criminal cases were started.