The trucks will pay 3 rubles 6 kopecks per kilometer for the Federal highway

TVER, October 15. /Corr. Vera Paquin/. The fare for trucks heavier than 12 tonnes will be reduced by 67 kopecks to 3 rubles 6 kopecks per kilometer.

Payment for travel on Federal highways will be levied on owners and drivers of 15 November. This was reported to journalists the Deputy head of Rosavtodor Dmitry Pronchatov at the presentation of the control Center and monitoring system of charging fees in Tver.

“Now, the tariff to 3 rubles 73 kopecks. But, according to numerous appeals, the government has considered the request of carriers and fare pre-valued at 3 rubles 6 kopecks,” – said Pronchatov, adding that this order is already on signing in the government.

An additional 50 billion rubles to the budget

According to Pronchatov, payments from heavy vehicles will be levied as compensation of harm caused to the Federal roads.

“The system will allow us to further raise the budget to 50 billion roubles, which will come in road funds. Due to this will be built and reconstructed new roads and engineering structures”, – he said.

The Deputy head of Rosavtodor added that is tasked to develop a mechanism by which this money can be spent to co-Finance regional public – private partnership that will attract private investment in the construction of roads.

The innovation will cover 50 thousand kilometres of Federal roads, more than 2 million Russian carriers and hundreds of foreign logistics companies. All information will be treated in the Tver Center management and monitoring.

“The Centre will monitor the performance of all components of the system, since on-Board devices to the control framework. Here is the control center of violations, which processes information coming from the systems of stationary and mobile control,” said commercial Director of “RT-invest the Transport system” Anton Locks.

Castles noted that for support of the carriers has opened special information offices that deal with registration, issuing on-Board units, the sale of route maps. “Only Russia will work these offices 138, 103 of which are open today. 35 offices are located directly at the border and focused primarily on work with foreign carriers. They are ready, but will open a little later, I think, in the beginning of November,” said Castles.

Support system you will need 10 billion rubles a year

As explained Pronchatov, the system is fully implemented at the expense of the investor. “Offset by the creation, development and maintenance of a system of tools that will she’s earned,” said Pronchatov, adding that these projects will require about 10 billion rubles a year.

In a press-service of the Federal road Agency explained that to control the movement of trucks on Federal highways will be 100 cars with the equipment photos and video, and is also located on the roads construction of station control. Now ready to work 20 structures on the slopes of the Moscow region. Just over two years will be set more than 480 of the framework, said the office.

Beginning today, the official acceptance of the system. After the completion of these works, it will become the property of the state.