Business Ombudsman Titov has criticized the Central Bank for revocation of licenses from major banks

Moscow. October 16. Reviews of licences and the application of the rehabilitation procedures in relation to banks with large Deposit portfolios of legal entities, have a negative impact on Russian business, especially small and medium enterprises, said presidential Commissioner for entrepreneurs ‘ rights Boris Titov.

“Before, the Central Bank is mainly engaged in commercial banks that were engaged in, shall we say, “non-standard” transactions, but now this is the most entrepreneurial banks: “the Russian credit” and Bank “Admiralty”. Only Probusinessbank was 202 thousand accounts of legal entities. As a result, many of them were forced to cease their activities,” he said at a meeting on the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs under the leadership of Prosecutor General Yury Chaika on Friday.

In this case Bits noted that some depositors-legal entities were committed “certain violations of the law by the Agency for Deposit insurance with rehabilitation and bankruptcy of banks”.

“In some cases, when “keeping” (credit institutions) external management fees from the Bank were blocked, while the payments “inside” of the Bank was taken. In addition, due to the prohibition of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on realization of separate kinds of financial transactions have not been executed the data to the revocation of licences order for payment of taxes and fees, which led to bringing to tax responsibility without deliberate action on the part of account holders and deposits”, – said business Ombudsman.

In addition, according to Titov, the chances of legal entities to receive compensation when Bank bankruptcy procedure is minimal. “Indeed, when individuals lose their deposits, this is a great tragedy. But when the money from their accounts lose legal entity, it is a tragedy for thousands of individuals, because it is not only any specific money today, and it is their material well-being for years to come, because they lose their employer. Of course, the problem must be solved systemically, but without the Prosecutor’s supervision we can not do”, he said.

Previously Titov has sent an official request to the General Director of DIA Yuri Isaev regarding the actions of the interim administration in Probusinessbank.

The letter noted that while the revocation of licenses of the credit organizations hurt the interests of tens of thousands of depositors and creditors of the Bank, most of which are the subjects of entrepreneurial activity. Thus, according to the business Ombudsman, the complaints on the name of the depositors of the Bank noted that the Deposit insurance Agency, performing the functions of the provisional administration in the Bank prior to the withdrawal of the license without notifying the account holders has ceased making transfers of funds, but continued to accept payment documents.