FAS: the state can abandon regulation of prices for gas in a year or two

MOSCOW, October 16. Gas trading volume on the stock exchange by the end of 2016 will allow to receive indicative gas price for the domestic market, and this can lead to the fact that in a year or two the state can abandon regulation of prices for gas. This was reported to journalists at a conference on antitrust regulation, the Deputy head of the Federal Antimonopoly service Anatoly Golomolzin.

“We can abandon regulation of prices for gas in a year or two,” he said, adding that until this must be created so-called commercial infrastructure.

Golomolzin said that the commercial infrastructure involves the development of exchange and off-exchange transactions that, according to FAS, will allow to refuse state regulation of gas prices.

Now gas prices are set by the government taking into account social importance of gas as a commodity.

According to the Deputy head of the Antimonopoly Agency, the volume of gas trade on the stock exchange in a year can reach 30-35 billion cubic meters. “Volumes of gas on the stock exchange we are constantly growing. We add 100 million cubic meters. And now we reached the trading volume of 1.3 billion cubic meters, he said – So we are confident that by the end of 2016, we can bring the amount of 30-35 billion cubic meters”.

Synchronization of purchase and transportation purchased oil

The FAS is in discussion with St. Petersburg international commodity and raw materials exchange, the Railways and railway operators, the synchronization of purchase and carriage of purchased crude oil, said the Deputy Minister.

“At the present time trading on the stock exchange occur in the regime of uniformity and regularity. Each month, oil companies announced the sales plan, broken down by day, and far consumers understand what will happen during the month. They come up for auction and know that every day they buy volume at the market price, but there is a problem securing the carriage of this cargo. Next you need to take it in tanks, and constantly having problems with the provision of railway transportation”, – said Golomolzin.

FAS proposes to synchronize the process of buying oil and transporting it along the route to the buyer in the uniformity and regularity.