In the state Duma will discuss the projects connected with future elections in the ward

In the state Duma will discuss the projects connected with future elections in the ward

MOSCOW, 16 Oct. The state Duma meeting on Friday is expected to consider in the second reading two bills related to the forthcoming elections to the lower house of Parliament.


In particular, the deputies will discuss amendments to the second reading of the bill on approving the scheme “slicing” single-member districts for Duma elections for the next ten years.

In 2014 was adopted the law on the return to the mixed system of elections to the state Duma, which provides for the election of deputies by party lists and in single member constituencies (225). In early September the Central election Commission passed in the state Duma a “sliced” single-member districts for the elections of 2016, the head of the constitutional and Federal committees Vladimir Pligin and Viktor kidyaev (both EP) has prepared a bill of approval for ten years.

According to the project, most districts will be in Moscow (15), the suburbs (11) and St. Petersburg (8). Seven constituencies will be formed in Sverdlovskaya region, six — in Bashkiria and Tatarstan.

On Tuesday, the head of the Committee Vladimir Pligin told journalists that the number of submitted amendments is relatively small. There is a comprehensive amendment, in which questions are raised about certain changes in the approach of forming single-mandate districts in Tatarstan that is due solely to the issues of ease of voting of voters, and in the Vladimir region.

So, in Tatarstan the sentence is due to geographical and logistical feasibility: in an embodiment, the CEC of the Russian Federation a number of districts located on both banks of the rivers Volga or Kama, the amendments correct this deficiency in almost all districts.


The MPs will discuss on second reading the bill on which it is proposed to combine the single voting day in Russia with the elections to the lower house of Parliament.

The leaders of the Duma factions EP, LDPR and CP and house speaker Sergei Naryshkin has made the project in the spring session. The bill provides for the possibility of combination of day of voting at the next elections of deputies of the state Duma with the voting day at elections to bodies of state power of subjects of the Russian Federation, bodies of local self-government, that is, on the single voting day, which is the third Sunday of September of the year in which expire the terms of office of these bodies or deputies of these bodies.

Also in the spring session of the heads of factions and house speaker Sergei Naryshkin has made a positive review of the governments bill to change parliamentary elections from December to September 2016, which was adopted by the chamber in three readings. The Communist party didn’t support the law.