Kadyrov: Chechnya will purchase for Lada Toyota officials together

MOSCOW, October 16. Chechnya will purchase for officials Lada Vesta cars instead of foreign cars. About it in interview to TV channel “Russia 24” said the head of the Republic Ramzan Kadyrov.

“Yes, certainly,” said he, answering the question whether “Vesta”, which is scheduled for release in Chechnya, purchased for the needs of the Republic. “Before we bought the Toyota Corolla, Ford Focus, Toyota Camry – a car like this. No longer will buy such cars. Vesta – a good, comfortable car, economical car… we they will be issued in the town of Argun… I think the demand will be good”, – said Kadyrov.

He also noted that Chechnya continues to implement economic projects despite Western sanctions and the difficult situation in the economy.

“All the projects that we started, we none stopped. We urgently building industrial and agricultural objects… We are open every day and shopping, sports and business /centers/,” said he, answering the question about the impact of sanctions on the economy of the Republic. Kadyrov added that money to the building in Grozny, the world’s largest fountain has been received from the patron.