Kerch bridge will be built by Russian contractors

Kerch bridge will be built by Russian contractors

The customer for the construction of transport crossing through the Kerch Strait from the side of the state is Rosavtodor. The design of the bridge engaged the Institute “Giprostroymost – Saint-Petersburg”, the General contractor of construction is “stroygazmontazh”.

MOSCOW, 16 Oct. Subcontractors the construction of transport crossing through the Kerch Strait will be the only Russian company, told reporters the head of Rosavtodor Roman Starovoit.

Rosavtodor is the customer of construction by the state. “They (subcontractors — ed.) will be determined after obtaining the opinion of Glavgosexpertiza, but they will be more than twenty and it will be almost all large enterprises of the Russian bridge Federation. It will only be a Russian company. Negotiations (with foreign subcontractors — ed.) was carried out, but information about concluded contracts at the moment unknown to us. I know that Russian will be exactly,” — said Starovoit.

The design for the Institute “Giprostroymost — Saint-Petersburg”, which has already handed over all documents to Glavgosexpertiza. According to Starovoit, it is expected that the project gets through the state expert evaluation Department by the end of the year.

The General contractor for the construction of the bridge — “stroygazmontazh” Arkady Rotenberg is created under the project subsidiary “SGM-Bridge”, which was headed by the former Deputy General Director of “Mostotrest” Alexander Ostrovsky. “The construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait is focused on attraction of Russian companies and the use of domestic materials, technologies. It will provide work for Russian companies and will help to solve questions of employment of the population”, — noted in a press-service “SGM-Bridge”.

Due to major projects implemented in Russia before, have accumulated sufficient resources that can be involved in a new ambitious project, explained in “SGM-Bridge”, adding that in case of necessity the possibility of using some foreign materials. Previously Starovoit said about the interest in the project from Chinese and Singaporean companies. Chinese construction equipment manufacturer Sany Group is looking for the opportunity to participate in the construction of the Kerch bridge, said the representative of its partner in the Russian Federation.

About exclusively Russian subcontractors of the project and said the source for the infrastructure construction market. According to him, many multinational companies were interested in the Kerch bridge, including Hyundai Heavy Industries Boskalis and Dutch, but they fear the sanctions imposed against Russia and Crimea. Almost all big builders of infrastructure study this project, but to talk about the contracts too early, concludes a source.

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