Lukashevich: Russia calls on the OSCE special monitoring mission in Ukraine harder to patrol the security zone

MOSCOW, October 16. Moscow encourages the special monitoring mission (SMM) of the OSCE in Ukraine is harder to patrol the security zone, including to prevent provocations. This was stated by Russia’s permanent representative to the OSCE Alexander Lukashevich to the Permanent Council of the organization. Text of the speech posted on the Russian MFA web-site.

“All who are interested in peace in Ukraine, should make every effort to contribute to the consolidation of the ceasefire regime in the Donbas, the prevention of clashes, shelling residential areas,” he said.

“Unfortunately, the OSCE special monitoring mission still captures some violations – said the diplomat. – Unacceptable recurrence of such incidents as the shelling of Donetsk and its suburbs on October 10, which resulted in casualties and damage to houses”. “We call on the SMM to patrol the security zone, including to provide a deterrent effect, to prevent provocations”, – said Lukashevich.

In his words, “it is important to do before problem areas begin the withdrawal of tanks, artillery and mortars”. “At the same time, this will enable SMM to collect information about the targets of attacks and their consequences on both sides of the line of contact, said Russian permanent representative. – Special thematic report SMM on this subject is long overdue”.

The lack of dense monitoring SMM in the border with Donbass Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv regions to evaluate the potential of the APU is to increase your faction in the conflict zone, said Russia’s envoy.

“From 7 to 14 October, the OSCE mission were missing 114 Ukrainian units, including MLRS, – he said. – To compare the militia “lost” 20. Where did the disappeared Ukrainian weapons can only be guessed”. “Despite repeated requests of the management of the SMM, the Ukrainian military still did not provide observers with an updated list of warehouses and inventory numbers are on them heavy guns”, – said the diplomat.

He also stressed that we need a reliable verification of physical absence in the security zone of all categories of weapons.

“We have to maximise observers to saturate the area along the contact line, set the posts day and night surveillance, he said. – Additional deployment of the SMM must be “mirrored” and parity. This also applies to the use of surveillance technology, including unmanned aerial vehicles. The establishment of any advantages for one side is unacceptable”.

The statement that the Minsk package of measures disturb only the militia are not true, said the permanent representative of the Russian Federation.

“The proof is in the reports of the special monitoring of the OSCE mission (SMM), – the diplomat said. – The Ukrainian side not only violates the ceasefire but also selectively performs the provision of the Minsk package of measures concerning the diversion of military equipment. Every week the SMM observers point out there is a large number of heavy weapons APU in the warehouses.”