Manufacturer: downed on the border of Turkey and Syria, the drone is not “White”

ST. PETERSBURG, October 16. Unmanned aerial vehicle shot down by Turkish fighter jets, is not the type of UAV “Orlan”. This was reported to journalists by the representative of the management “St.-Petersburg technological centre” (the manufacturer of the UAV “Orlan”)

“Published in social networks with reference to the Turkish General staff photos allegedly shot down a drone more like a poorly played out an information provocation. And the published photo is not exactly White. With this glider drones in Russia are not made,” – said the representative of the company.

In addition, this drone (in photos) “definitely not hit by a plane, again allegedly said “source” in the Turkish General staff,” he added.

“If you get ammunition he would remind once more. And given the burst of a shell from aircraft guns, would have turned into dust. About the missile air-to-air even and say no, is ridiculous,” – said the representative of the centre. According to him, it is not clear who and how a supposedly thrice warned the pilots of Turkish fighter jets before you shoot down that drone.

“This microapproach visually on a jet plane to notice is almost impossible. And, finally, our General staff has officially denied all the rumors about the possible loss of Syria as a fixed-wing aircraft and drones. And it is made at the level of the Deputy chief of the General staff of Russia”, – concluded the source.

The incident with the drone

Earlier Friday, the Turkish General staff announced that the Turkish air force violated the airspace of the country. In the Russian defense Ministry said that all Russian airplanes operating in Syria, returned to the base, and the drones are functioning as planned. All Russian drones involved in the operation in Syria, are either on the job or at the air base and allegedly shot down over Turkey the machine to the Russian Federation has no relation, said the General staff of the Russian armed forces.