Medvedev called the refusal of the United States from negotiations on Syria shortsighted and weak position

GORKI, October 16. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that the refusal of the United States from negotiations on Syria shortsighted and weak position.

“They say, well, we have to negotiate will not. This, in my opinion, shortsighted and weak, because strong leaders and States that are taking on the responsibility, in such cases, go on negotiations, even in situations when they otherwise evaluate,” said Medvedev in an interview with Sergei Brilev for the program “Vesti on Saturday”.

According to the Prime Minister, the position taken by Washington with respect to the proposal of Russian President Vladimir Putin to host the delegation from Russia headed by the Prime Minister, “this is a stupid behavior.”

“As a result of such decisions and the rejection of negotiations the Americans are just showing their weakness,” – said Medvedev.

He emphasized that “we negotiations never ogrebali”.

“We’ll see, we are open to discuss any questions about what the President said, I would like to repeat once again”, – concluded the Prime Minister.

The result of the U.S. actions in Syria zero

The United States-led coalition against terrorist group “Islamic state” for his actions in Syria have not achieved any results, said the Prime Minister.

“It is clear that the result of their activities in this region in the fight against ISIL is almost zero,” – said Medvedev.

Only the intervention of Russia has changed the situation

According to the head of the Cabinet, the situation in Syria to combat the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia) changed only the intervention of Russia.

“ISIL continues to spread. Only the intervention of Russia changed the situation”, – said the head of the Prime Minister.