Medvedev: the implementation road maps STI provided 10 billion rubles

MOSCOW, October 16. Not to be missed opportunities associated with the emergence of new technology markets. About it at session of Presidium of Council under RF President on economy modernization and innovative development of Russia, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

“We need diversification and new industrial technologies despite sanctions pressure on the country, which effectively closed us access to technology, anyway, in many countries, – said the Prime Minister. – Despite the difficulties that are associated with our domestic economic situation, these tasks still need to be resolved. You cannot miss the opportunities that are associated with the emergence of new technology markets”.

According to the head of the government, meaning the National technology initiative (STI) is to create in Russia conditions for the development of industries that will become the leading sectors in the global economy in 20-25 years. He explained that STI is focused on the identification of emerging markets among those who, on the one hand, meet the needs of the mass market on the other hand, have very significant growth prospects. “The most difficult to rate “that shot”, and on the other hand, to find a properly working economic mechanisms that enable these technical solutions to develop,” Medvedev said.

He called to try to occupy a leading position, Recalling that during the Soviet period, it turned out, when the money was sent to some industry. “As a result of these industries we did it and we became world leaders, other areas are lagging behind. But in certain areas has a very good result, which still retains a competitive advantage,” he said.

For implementation of roadmaps of the National technology initiative from the budget allocated 10 billion rubles, and these funds must be spent as efficiently as possible, pointed out Medvedev.

“The implementation of the roadmap begins in 2016, for these purposes from the budget already provided 10 billion roubles that in present conditions is not very easy to find,” said Medvedev. – “In the current situation all the more important that every invested ruble each, to be exact, specifically the ruble was invested as efficiently as possible in really long-term projects, so the selection mechanism should be as transparent as possible.