Medvedev will hold a meeting of the Presidium of the Council on economy modernization

MOSCOW, October 16. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev will hold a meeting of the Presidium of the Council under the RF President on economy modernization and innovative development of Russia.

As reported in the press service of the government, it is planned to discuss “the order of development, coordination and implementation of road maps of the National technology initiative”. The Bureau will discuss the draft road maps for directions “AutoNet” (vehicles), “AERONET” (aircraft), “Neuronet” (neurosurgery) and “Marinate” (marine technology).

The meeting will be attended by Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, the Russian presidential aide Andrei Belousov, Minister of education and science Dmitry Livanov, Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov, Minister Mikhail Abyzov.

National technology initiative (NTI) is developed the Ministry of education and science, the Ministry of industry and trade of Russia, other interested Federal Executive authorities, ANO “Agency for strategic initiatives to promote new projects”, Russian Academy of Sciences, institutes of development, the Expert Council under the RF government, major universities, technology platforms and business associations.

It is to be treated as a long-term interagency program is a public-private partnership to promote the development of promising new markets on the basis of high-tech solutions that will shape the development of world and Russian economy in 15-20 years. As the main approach to the development and implementation of STI is accepted orientation on the formation of new global markets in respect of which the conditions exist for Russia to achieve a competitive advantage and classes significant share of the market, and eventually achieve global leadership.

Key instrument for implementation of the STI will be a system of road maps, including measures for the creation, development and promotion of advanced technologies, products and services, ensuring the priority position of Russian companies on global markets generated; the gradual improvement of normative legal base with the purpose of eliminating barriers to the use of advanced technological solutions and create incentives for their implementation; improvement of the education system to ensure talent needs of the economy.