One of the options for administrative reform involves the reduction of ministries to 15

MOSCOW, October 16. One of the options of the new administrative reform that is now being discussed in the government, provides for the reduction of ministries from 21 to 15, the abolition of 11 Federal agencies and the creation of 9 major Federal supervision. This writes the newspaper RBC with reference to the working papers that were submitted to the Advisory Council at the Open government and can form the basis of the final report to the President on the reform of Supervisory functions.

The fact that this document was submitted to the Minister for open government Mikhail Abyzov, confirmed a government official and an expert who had been involved in the preparation of proposals on this issue. “Now these proposals are under consideration for the chief of the government staff Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko, who is driving the final report for the President”, – told the newspaper source in the White house.

Another government official noted that in the machine have been made and other documents on a new administrative reform – in particular, their proposals were submitted to the Ministry of economic development. It is expected that the document will be the President on 1 December.

The approach on optimization of structure of Executive power laid down the principle of economy. For example, the savings in consolidation of services is estimated in 450 million roubles per year in prices 2012. Creating a small number of supervision will lead to consolidation of Supervisory functions, which will also save on operating costs.

Large of the Ministry and optimization of public services

Reform oversight of Executive functions can result in large-scale optimization of the whole structure of the government, according to the interlocutors of the newspaper. According to the working materials, the key proposal which entails a change of the whole structure of Executive power, is the formation of a system of Federal supervision.

It comes with 9 supervision in the sphere of transport; in a technological, nuclear, natural resource areas and environmental protection; for technical and export supervision and financial monitoring; in antitrust, fiscal and tariff policy, in the social sphere; surveillance drug and alcohol market regulation; in the sphere of Telecom, information technologies and mass communications; supervision of the execution of judgments; in the sphere of consumer protection, veterinary and phytosanitary activities.

These agencies are invited to submit directly to the White house, concentrating in them all Supervisory functions. Today, control and Supervisory functions are performed by Federal services subordinated to ministries or the ministries directly. Some services, such as custom, derived under the direct control of the government. Just now there are 34 of the Federal service.

Using the effect of “economies of scale” in larger departments in General is proposed to form such enlarged Ministry, such as Ministry of economy, infrastructure, information and innovation. This may be dissolved Ministry, the Ministry of regional development, the Ministry of communications, Ministry of energy, Ministry of sports, the Ministry of labor and Federal Agency for construction and housing and communal services.

You can change the status of the presidential administration and government apparatus. They requested to confer independent Federal body of Executive power “by converting the office of the President of the Russian Federation”.

The changes threaten and the Federal agencies. Now 25 six agencies do not provide any public services, five provide 1-2 rooms, it is told in business materials. These agencies proposed for abolition. Reallocation of Supervisory functions may lead to restructuring of agencies. It is proposed to leave to the agencies only provide services and renamed the Agency, such as Federal Treasury, the prison Service and even the foreign intelligence Service. In addition, the presidential administration may be allocated to Federal Agency of special programmes of the President of the Russian Federation. Optimization of the activities of agencies can provide annual savings of budget expenditures on provision of their activity in the amount of not less than 4.5 billion rubles, said a source in the government.