Rosstat: the debts under the salary in Russia in September rose by 7.2%

MOSCOW, October 16. Wage arrears in the Russian Federation on October 1, 2015 amounted to $ 3,466 billion roubles and in comparison with September 1, 2015 increased by 233 million (7.2%). This is stated in the materials of the Federal service of state statistics (Rosstat).

Overdue debts on a salary from-for absence at the organisations of own means for October 1, 2015 $ 3344 million rubles, or 96.5% of total amount of overdue debt. Compared to September 1, 2015 it increased by 178 million (5.6%).

Payable due to late receipt of funds from budgets of all levels amounted to 122 million rubles and increased compared with September 1, 2015, by 55 million rubles (by 83.5%), including receivables from the Federal budget amounted to 98 million rubles and increased in comparison with September 1, 2015 to 69 million (in 3.4 times), budgets of the constituent entities of Russia amounted to 7 million rubles (increase of 1 mln or 27.3%), local budgets – RUR 17 million (a decrease of 15 million rubles, or 48.1%).