The Federal Agency for fishery: fish demand in 2015 will decrease by 10%

MOSCOW, October 16. The demand for fish in Russia is falling due to the devaluation of the ruble, however, in the case of the strengthening of the national currency, we should expect lower prices and rising consumer interest. This opinion was expressed on air of radio station “Russian news service” head of the Federal Agency for fisheries (Rosrybolovstvo) Ilya Shestakov.

“We predict that in 2015 the decline in demand for fish will be 10%… economic availability of fish was lower, but, of course, the main is the devaluation of the ruble”, – stressed Shestakov.

The official also added that “already there are downward dynamics of prices for fish.”

“The fish is on the world market, the ruble strengthened slightly, in connection with this fish in the domestic market will also decrease. And with the further strengthening of the ruble it should become cheaper,” – said Shestakov.

According to the Federal Agency for fishery, at the moment, consumption of fish and fish products (including retail and processing) 79,4% is provided by domestic production. In 2013 it was 78.2 percent. In retail, the ratio is 65% domestic and 35% of imported fish and aquatic bioresources.