The industrial production in the U.S. in September decreased by 0.2%

Moscow. October 16. The volume of industrial production in the U.S. in September of 2015 decreased by 0.2% compared with the previous month, according to the report of the Federal reserve system. Experts surveyed by Bloomberg, forecasted a similar decline.

Meanwhile, the August decline of industrial production in the U.S. was revised to 0.1% from 0.4%.

Production in the processing industry, which accounts for 75% of total industrial output, has decreased last month on 0,1% whereas experts predicted decrease on 0,2%.

According to revised data, in August the indicator fell by 0.4%, not 0.5% as previously reported.

Ongoing since mid-2014, the U.S. dollar strengthening relative to other world currencies makes American manufacturers less competitive abroad. At the same time, the fall in oil prices is forcing energy companies to reduce operations, therefore, the demand for the products of American companies, ensure the industry is declining.

The production of durable goods (over 3 years) in September decreased by 0.2%, computers and electronics – 0.2% electrical equipment – 2.3%. At the same time, car production grew by 0.2%.

The output capacity of the utility sector in September increased by 1.3%, the volume of production in the mining sector declined by 2%.

The use of production capacity in the U.S. in September dropped to 77.5% from 77.8% in the previous month.

The manufacturing sector accounts for about 12% of US GDP