YUM!Brands by the end of 2016 plans to increase the network of fast food KFC in Russia up to 540 pixels

MOSCOW, October 16. The company YUM!Brands in 2016 plans to increase the network of KFC in Russia up to 540 fast food restaurants, opened during the year about 100 new points. On 16 October the journalists said the company’s representatives at press conferences in Moscow and St. Petersburg, devoted to the 5th anniversary of the network under the brand KFC (since the summer of 2005 and until 2010 the network worked under a common brand, “Rostec with-KFC”).

According to General Director of YUM!Brands Russia Oleg Pisklov, this year the company will open about 100 new restaurants KFC. “This year we will have 440 KFC restaurants. In 2016 we have every reason to open a number of restaurants, as close as possible to 100. If it is possible to accelerate – we will open more,” said the Pisklov. He refused to name volume of investments into network development, however, according to information on the company’s website, the cost of opening one restaurant is on average 700 thousand dollars.

In the near future chain KFC plans to actively develop in the CIS countries. “A couple of weeks ago we opened a restaurant in Belarus. The following markets are interesting for us are the markets of Central Asia. This is, primarily, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan a little bit later”, – said the Pisklov. He added that currently the ratio of franchised and own restaurants KFC is 70% and 30%, respectively. The company does not rule out the possibility that gradually the proportion of franchisees will continue to grow. “We can assume that in the future – in three to five years – the share can decrease and the share of the partner restaurants will increase,” – said the Pisklov.

CEO of YUM!Brands Russia reported that sales of KFC from 2010 to 2015 increased five-fold. However, the final revenue figures in the company do not open.

As previously reported, net sales for fast food restaurants KFC in Russia in the 3rd quarter of 2015 increased by 45% compared to the same period in 2014. Interestingly, the revenue growth of the company in Russia is many times greater than that in other countries. So, in the 3rd quarter 2015 revenues of KFC in some countries of continental Europe grew by 14%, in Latin America, 8% in some Asian countries /Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia/ Africa and by 6% in the remaining countries, which the company refers to as emerging markets, sales grew by only 3%. In the report of YUM!Brands it was also noted that the share of Russia in circulation network in the world remained at former level – 4%. The biggest share in America – 24%.

In Russia, Yum!Brands since 2005 – was then established strategic Alliance with “Rostik Groups” (later “Rosinter restaurants holding”) for the development of a network “Rostik’s KFC”. In 2011, KFC has purchased the rights to the Russian part of the fast food restaurant, leaving the name KFC. Since 2011, the restaurants operate in Russia under this brand. The American Corporation Yum!Brands, Inc. working in catering and developing a network of restaurants of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. The company owns more than 41 thousand restaurants in more than 125 countries.