Siluanov: the conservation ratings of the Russian Federation – recognition of the effectiveness of economic policy

MOSCOW, October 17. The sovereign ratings of Russia in recognition of the efficiency of the Russian economic policy, told journalists the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov.

“I think the sovereign ratings of Russia in the current challenging environment of decreasing oil prices and downgrades of other developing countries in recognition of the effectiveness of our economic policy. Adopted in the current year measures of fiscal and monetary policies helped maintain financial and macroeconomic stability, to adjust the economy to new external conditions,” he said.

He added that “it is possible to note the changing moods of the agencies compared with the period of the beginning of the year: we are calmer, less drama. However, it is noted that one of the key risks to our rating today is the continuing fiscal imbalances at current levels”. “These views coincide with our vision of the situation,” the Minister said.

One of the key risks to the ratings of the Russian Federation is the continuing fiscal imbalances at current levels, the Minister said.

Expert opinion

Russia is on very good level in many macroeconomic indicators, said the head of debt markets “URALSIB capital” Dmitry Dudkin. “Even global background Russia is not as bad looking as she looked at the time of the imposition of sanctions active phase of the Ukrainian crisis.

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Therefore did not expect the situation to deteriorate. Rather more correct to expect a gradual stabilisation of the outlooks on the ratings and their conversion to “stable” level with “negative”, – he explained.

In June, credit-S&P analyst Trevor Cullinan said that the Agency could upgrade the rating Outlook of Russia to “stable” from “negative” in the case of improving the prospects of economic growth and financial stability.

For several months most of the observed phenomena prove the fact that the situation in the economy develops better than expected, says Dmitry Dudkin from “URALSIB capital”.

The evaluation of Professor Yaroslav Lisovolik, one of the positive factors is targeting a lower budget deficit, and Mr Pantyushin from Sberbank CIB called the positive stabilization of international reserves, which in July ranging from $360-370 billion.