The defense Ministry will be invited to the Moscow conference on the security of all countries of the world

BEIJING, October 17. /Corr. Roman Balandin/. Invitation to the fifth anniversary Moscow security conference to be held in late April next year, will be sent to the defense Department all over the world. On Saturday on the sidelines of the VI Tanshanskogo security forum said in an interview with reporters Deputy defense Minister Anatoly Antonov.

“I believe that today there are several international venues for discussing issues of military security, among them I will name a famous conference in Singapore – Shangri-La, the Munich conference and, of course, the Moscow conference, which is annually conducted by the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation”, – he noted. “Next year will be a five-year anniversary. We’re at the end of April, will gather representatives of the leadership of the defense ministries of all countries”, – said Deputy Minister of defense of the Russian Federation.

“We invite everyone who would like to us no matter how treated – it depends on them, they will come to us or not”, – said Antonov.

“Given the challenges and threats we now face, the focus, of course, will be how we work together to strengthen regional and global security. Be it in Europe with a lot of problems – whether in Asia or the middle or the Middle East,” he said. “There will be plenary sessions and regional discussions, where you focus on a specific issue”, – summed up the Deputy Minister of defence of the Russian Federation.

Fifth Moscow security conference will be held April 26-27, 2016. The organiser was the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation.