The Greek Parliament voted for austerity measures

ATHENS, 17 Oct. Gennady Melnik. The Greek Parliament on the night of Saturday voted for the bill with austerity measures, the adoption of which is stipulated by the agreement with creditors by the third aid programme. Without the approval of these measures by Parliament, it is impossible to conduct a first assessment of the implementation by Greece of the programme of reforms and provision of credit to the Greek economy.

At the request of deputies, the vote was a roll-call, and in eight articles it was conducted separately.

The law “About measures on realization of agreement on economic targets and structural reforms” was adopted by the votes of the deputies of the ruling coalition SYRIZA and KKE — 154 votes “for”. Only the coalition has 155 votes.

One MP from the ANAL — Nikos Nikolopoulos voted against the six articles of the law, although upheld the law in principle. Nicolorulos said that in any case will not vote for anything he will suggest, as the new measures increase the intolerable burden of the citizens.

Thus, he became the first member of the coalition, gone against the policy of the party and government.

Voted against all deputies from opposition parties. Voted 294 deputies from 300.

Six members sent letters outlining their position, their votes in the preliminary count was not taken into account.

Before the vote on Syntagma square before Parliament held a rally to demand not to adopt the law.