Winemakers offer rebates of excise duties in the framework of the state support for the doubling of the vineyards

ABRAU-DURSO /Krasnodar region/, October 17. Russian winemakers offer to send a portion of wine excise taxes for the state support of the industry as part of a plan to double the acreage of vineyards in the Russian Federation. This was reported today the President of the Union of winegrowers and winemakers of Russia Leonid Popovich, speaking at the V all-Russian summit winemakers.

“We give money to the state in the form of excise taxes and ask the state to give a certain amount of that money back, we will return a hundredfold,” said he.

This year the Russian wine industry will pay taxes under the excise tax deductions to 24.4 billion rubles, he estimated.

State support is proposed to use to increase the acreage of vineyards from current 93 thousand hectares to 190 hectares in 2025, according to the Union, it is necessary to inflation, is 250 billion rubles, only half of which business is ready to invest on their own. In addition, to support the industry winemakers are asked to apply the mechanism of 15-year-old tied loans with subsidized interest rate of secured land.

According to the winemakers, if the area of vineyards will be doubled, the consumption of wine from Russian grapes in 2025 will increase from the current 15% to 57%, and by 2030 – up to 75%.

Russia’s agriculture Ministry earlier announced a plan under which the area of vineyards is expected to increase to 140 thousand ha by 2020 In 2015 year on viticulture government allocated 1 billion rubles – three times more than in the past. In 2016 it is planned to increase the subsidies to 2.4 billion rubles.