The Russian foreign Ministry will actively work on the implementation of action plan on Iranian nuclear program

MOSCOW, 18 October. Moscow will continue principled line on compliance with all conditions and requirements contained in the comprehensive Joint plan of action (SVPD) to resolve the situation around the Iranian nuclear program. This is stated in the commentary of the Russian foreign Ministry in connection with the entry into force of the FDP.

“We will actively work in favor of an early start the next phase – the practical implementation of the action plan. We believe that a similar approach will be followed and the other parties to the agreement”, – stated in the commentary of the diplomatic corps.

On 18 October launched a new important stage in normalizing the situation around the Iranian nuclear program (INP). Entered into force SITD concluded on 14 July in Vienna between the “six” international mediators (the UK, Germany, China, Russia, USA and France) and Iran with the participation of the EU high representative for foreign Affairs and security policy. We started the countdown of the period of validity prescribed in SITD measures and steps, and established in support of UN security Council resolution 2231.

“We note with satisfaction that this important date was successfully completed internal review processes SVPD all States parties to the agreement. Consider this factor as a significant additional political impetus”, – said the Russian foreign Ministry.

In this context, the Russian foreign Ministry noted positive dynamics in cooperation between Iran and the International atomic energy Agency in accordance with the Road map to clarify questions that remain regarding Iran’s nuclear program. In particular, the Russian foreign Ministry welcomes the statement of the IAEA on 15 October on the completion of measures provided for in this document. The Russian foreign Ministry hopes that the further cooperation between Tehran and the Agency will continue to develop incrementally in the interests of strengthening mutual trust.