Transaero airlines has updated the service to check the status of flights and reservations for passengers

MOSCOW, 18 October. On the website of “Transaero” there is an updated service to check the status of flights and reservations for passengers. About it reported in a press-service “Aeroflot”, under the operational control of which is Transaero airlines”.

“To provide additional inform passengers of “Transaero” on the home page carrier’s updated version of online service check booking status”, – noted in press service.

Now any customer of the airline, not turning to the call center of “Transaero”, may clarify the status of the flight (as part of daily plan) and to see details of the new booking, which was established in the case of flight cancellation. Posted in on the website form you must make the name and passenger’s name (in Roman letters as in the ticket), the flight number UN no-code and date of flight.

Information about a new book enters the online service after the call center of “Transaero”, reissue to each passenger a new ticket.

To ensure smooth transportation of passengers of airline “Transaero” “Aeroflot” has created operational headquarters, which coordinates the operating activities of Transaero airlines. Passengers “Transaero” will be accepted until 15 December 2015 flights Transaero, Aeroflot group other Russian carriers. Information from the flight plan will be updated daily on the websites and in official accounts in social networks “Aeroflot” and “Transaero”, noted the press service.