Attorney: sister of Nadezhda Savchenko were allowed into Russia due to the “power of publicity”

DONETSK /Rostov region/, October 19. /Corr. Dmitry Bulanin/. Sister of former Ukrainian army Hope Savchenko Faith were allowed into Russia. Lawyers believe that this is due to the media. The lawyer mark Feigin wrote on Twitter
“And here is an example of absolute power of publicity: Faith Savchenko missed in Russia. First Faith Savchenko refused, and then put…”, – wrote Feigin.

October 13, the defense reported that at a checkpoint Cherkovo-Cretaceous on the border of Russia and Ukraine Faith Savchenko has informed that FSB has banned her entry into the Russian Federation. According to the lawyer Nikolay Polozov, before problems with entry. Two days later, the Donetsk city court hearing the case of Nadezhda Savchenko, said that he has no information about a ban of entrance to the sister of the accused. The judges decided to verify this data through a request to the FSB.

The defense asked to call the Faith Savchenko in court as a defense witness in order article 456 of the criminal procedure code, which allows you to call into court a person outside of the Russian Federation, even if he is banned from entering the country. The court requested documents that confirm the prohibition Faith Savchenko on entry, but at the time such documents were not, as the ban was announced orally.

Earlier, lawyer mark Feigin said that Faith Savchenko denied entry into the Russian Federation until 2020. Lawyers of former Ukrainian army were going to ask the court to give immunity to the Faith Savchenko to call her as a witness. Now this is not possible, the lawyer explained, as Faith Savchenko has been denied entry to Russia.

In Donetsk city court continues hearings on the case of Savchenko, which began on 22 September.

According to the investigation, as an officer of the armed forces of Ukraine, while the location of a paramilitary battalion “Aydar” on June 17, 2014 near the village of Metallist, Slavyanoserbsk district, Luhansk region, Savchenko was conducting secret surveillance and correction of shelling the checkpoint of the militia LNR with him were civilians, including three citizens of the Russian Federation – correspondents VGTRK. In the shelling of journalists Igor Kornelyuk and Anton Voloshin were killed.