Commercial oil inventories in Saudi Arabia rose to a record 326,6 million barrels

NEW YORK, October 19. Commercial oil reserves in Saudi Arabia increased in August to a record since 2002 326,615 million barrels, while oil production in the country is the largest oil producer in the world and oil exports declined. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to the private data of the Joint information initiatives international organizations on oil (JODI).

Reserves increased compared with July, to 6,383 million barrels.

Oil exports from Saudi Arabia, in turn, decreased 3.8% compared with July, with 7,276 million barrels per day to 6,998 million barrels per day. Oil exports falling since March, excluding June, says the Agency.

Oil production in August amounted to $ 10,265 million bpd, which is 0.9% less than in July.