“Daughter” Mostotrest will construct instead of “Inzhtransstroy” new runway at Sheremetyevo

MOSCOW, October 19. A subsidiary of construction group Mostotrest – “Transstroymekhanisatsiya” – to build a third runway at Sheremetyevo airport. The corresponding decree of the RF government, published on Monday on the official portal of legal information.

“To define the limited liability company “Transstroymekhanisatsiya” sole executor of works and services associated with the construction and commissioning of a new runway at Sheremetyevo international airport in the framework of preparation for holding in 2018 in Russia the world football championship”, – the document says.

Initially third runway at Sheremetyevo built “Inzhtransstroy” (enters into holding “Transstroy”), however, the company faced difficulties in construction of the facility. FSUE “Administration of civil aerodromes (airports)” (FGUP “AHA?)”), which, together with the Federal air transport Agency is the customer of construction, reported that construction of the third runway under the 2018 world Cup football is completely stopped. Later the client sent a request to the inter-regional transport Prosecutor’s office with the request to inspect activity of JSC “Inzhtransstroy”. Rosaviatsia demanded to recognise the contract as terminated.

PJSC Mostotrest is the largest diversified company in the field of infrastructure construction, represented in all core and related market segments, participant of the first in Russia public-private partnership. Currently, “Mostotrest” participates in the implementation of several integrated projects on development of transport infrastructure – is building a fourth (208-258 km) and sixth sections (334-543 km) highway M 11 “Moscow – St. Petersburg”, construct and reconstruct the automobile road M-4 don, M-9 Baltiya, M-11 “Narva”. 94.2% of shares belong to TFK-Finance, 5.8 percent are in free float.