Ivanov: Russia will not do anything to the detriment of national interests for the lifting of sanctions

MOSCOW, October 19. Russia will not do anything to the detriment of national interests for the lifting of sanctions, said the head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov in an exclusive interview for the special project “First person”.

“We are never going to do anything to the detriment of national interests just for the sake of lifting the sanctions, Ivanov stressed. – I repeat: will not. We are not these measures are administered and not going in any formats to discuss what is necessary for their cancellation”.

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In this companion urged not to link the restoration of peace in Ukraine and the abolition of anti-Russian sectoral restrictions. “To link one with the other would not. Are you sure that us will lift sanctions even if obedience to “Minsk-2″? Where are the guarantees? Personally I have big doubts. But we have no need for excuses or to apologize”, – expressed his opinion of Ivanov.

As for the impact of Western sanctions on the Russian economy, the head of the presidential administration acknowledged that there has been a severe financial and economic situation. “There is not an increase but a decline in GDP, which we do not deny. But the main reason for the slow pace of development of the Russian economy – not sanctions and the decline in world prices for oil and gas, – said Ivanov. – Yes, this again showed our strong dependence on hydrocarbons and how it’s bad, but, on the other hand, we once again received vector of actions that must be taken to reduce the pressure of the raw factor”.

The sanctions led to the split of the elites in the West

Sergei Ivanov believes that the sanctions against Moscow have led to a split of elites but not in Russia and in the West. Answering the question if sanctions against Russia split the elites, Ivanov said: “Yes. Only in mirror image. I think elite has broken up, not here, but abroad.”

In this connection, he drew attention to the circulated among the existing practice of Western leaders to criticise Russia, while politicians, who left their posts “are beginning to openly associate itself with our position.”

“While you’re in power, you must say so and not otherwise. But after retirement they take their own thoughts and views, it is not forbidden. But only for the “x’s” and not existing officials. Those who are coming back, begin to revile us with a new force. I have long been accustomed to. And look with humor,” – said Ivanov.

Speaking about Russia, the head of the Kremlin administration, said that does not like the word “elite”. “In my opinion, they can call those, who for several generations were doing something useful, desired, tangible for our country”,- said Ivanov. As for sanctions, he said, “some representatives of the business community (not elite, as you put it), has suffered from the sanctions, but after all is relative”. “I think, though not saying, Timchenko or Rotenberg also have yachts. They had not been taken away. And on their boats they continued to be able to travel where they want,” said the head of the Kremlin administration.

Causes pressure on Russia is clear: we conduct independent foreign and domestic policy, do not trade its sovereignty

Vladimir Putin

“And who and how someone looks, it is better to ask them. Think, problems in interpersonal communication there, everything is clear,” suggested Smith. “Strictly speaking, in the context of the impact of sanctions on the business it is more appropriate to speak not about the freedom to travel, and, say, limited access to capital markets, which, indeed, has serious economic implications for companies caught in the sanction lists”, – said the head of the administration.

The full text of the interview is available on the website tass.ru