Matvienko: the events in Ukraine are not adequately assessed in PACE and the Council of Europe

GENEVA, 19 October. The Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko at today’s meeting with the head of the PACE Anne Brasseur said that the human rights violations and other crimes committed in Ukraine, not receive a proper response, PACE and other structures.

“We have become accustomed to double standards, especially in relation to Russia, but we are extremely surprised that today in Ukraine violated all possible and impossible of the Convention and the Council of Europe, and the United Nations, flagrantly violated the rights and freedoms of citizens, committed crimes against humanity, which did not give estimates,” said she, adding that PACE and the Council of Europe does not give any assessments and not carry out adequately its monitoring mission.

The head of the Federation Council also stressed that the Ukrainian authorities instead of dialogue with his people, unleashed a civil war. “No reaction, no evaluation on the part of those agencies that advocate for human rights, for freedom of the press”, – said Matvienko. “It once again in practice showed that double standards are, unfortunately, common practice today for many companies,” she concluded.