Media: costs employers leave employees in Russia will not be taxed

MOSCOW, October 19. The Russian government supported the bill according to which the costs of employers to leave their employees and their families will not be taxed on profits, writes on October 19, the newspaper “Izvestia”.

“The bill proposes to give employers the right to withdraw from-under the profit tax expenses on leave employees and their relatives, provided that employees with families will relax on the territory of Russia and the price for each will not exceed 50 thousand rubles,” – said the newspaper.

Under the bill, employers will enter into contracts with tour operators for the travel of their employees and their families in the course of the year in Russia. In the tour package will include transportation, hotel accommodation and meals (if included in the accommodation), as well as excursions.

The authors of the project, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Valery Ryazansky and the Deputy Chairman of the Committee Igor Chernyshev, noted that such a system will give employers a chance to evenly distribute staff leave during the calendar year, which will allow “not to close the company in the field of tourism in the period of downturn in attendance, save jobs, and, accordingly, to maintain the level of tax revenues in budgets of all levels”.

The purpose of the bill

The bill was introduced to the state Duma in August. According to the authors of amendments to the Tax code of the Russian Federation, the draft law envisages the state support of domestic tourism and more opportunities for working individuals and their families on paid leave.

“In the current socio-economic and political conditions (the increase in the cost of tourist services, reduction in real incomes, etc.) government support of development of domestic and social tourism is particularly relevant,” say the senators.

According to the newspaper, the government support the bill, however, consider it necessary to Supplement it and to limit employers costs of stay and travel of their employees.