Media: Maltsev CEO of Globaltrans could become Vice-President of Russian Railways strategy

MOSCOW, October 19. Vice President of strategy at Russian Railways can become the General Director Globaltrans Sergey Maltsev, reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to sources close to monopoly, and the familiar Maltsev.

Previously, the Board of Directors of monopoly has terminated the powers of Valery Reshetnikov, senior Vice-President for corporate management and strategic development.

The representative stated that the company is unknown about the care Maltsev as Chairman of the Board of Directors. The representative of the Russian Railways declined to comment.

Maltsev owns 4.5% of Globaltrans. To avoid conflict of interest, Maltsev, will likely have to sell the package, said General Director of Agency “Infoline-Analytics” Mikhail Burmistrov.

Last year, Maltsev, head of the Council of consumers on questions of activity of the Russian Railways, prior to that was the Council of participants in the services market operators of railway rolling stock (Council of railway operators market, unites the largest operators).

Market participants are looking at the prospect of Maltsev’s appointment to the Board of the Russian Railways as a strong move of the new President of RZD Oleg Belozerov. The parish in the reign of one of the heads of operating companies may mean that RZD will finally turn to the market, said a top Manager of one of the operators. If Maltsev is really going to work in the Railways, this could mean that the new President seriously intends monopoly to the liberalization of locomotive traction, says a top Manager of another train operator.

He headed the Council of consumers at the end of August has sent the government proposals on Target program market of rail transportation 2016-2020, which involves the liberalization thrust. The Council recommended to allocate from structure of Russian Railways “RZD-carrier”, which will have wagons and locomotives and to compete with other private carriers. While the Railways will remain the owner of the infrastructure.