MP: reduction in the police budget require additional 6.2 billion roubles

MOSCOW, October 19. Reductions in the police, first of all, private security require from the budget for the current year an additional 6.2 billion roubles, most of which will go to pay lump-sum benefits to employees after termination of employment. About this informed the Deputy of the state Duma, member of its Commission on consideration of Federal budget expenditures aimed at ensuring national defense, national security and law enforcement activity Alexander Hinstein.

According to the Deputy, the Commission considered the bill on amendments to the main financial document of the country for the current year and the planned period. The document will be discussed by the chamber in the first reading this week. “The attention of members was drawn to the fact that it is proposed to increase allocations for the Ministry of internal Affairs, namely payment of lump sum benefits to staff members at dismissal,” said he, adding that we are talking about the amount 5,751,9 billion.

In addition, in the amendments we are talking about the increased costs of the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor General’s office in connection with the transfer of protection of buildings and facilities by divisions of private security of the MIA of Russia under the protection of the branches of FSUE “Protection” the Russian interior Ministry. “Due to the fact that the tariffs of the FSUE “Protection” is higher than the private security, the deputies started asking natural questions – about saving money for the budget in question, if there is need for that kind of money,” said Khinshtein. He explained that the Prosecutor’s office for these purposes requires 370 million roubles, SC – 82 million roubles.

“The question remains open, and we understand that additional costs will not end,” warned the Deputy. According to him, “these costs will increase” because other government agencies will be forced to resort to the services of FSUE “Protection”.

Previously Khinshtein sent a letter to the Minister of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev, urging not to reduce the group of detention of private security, because this can lead to mass termination of contracts of protection, the increase in the number of thefts and overall deterioration of a criminogenic situation.